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A Fraud and threatening cheat company

Complain Detail:-> I, Chandrani Bhadra am writing this email to report a potential fraud and scam of a company named as Global Star Solution. Me and my husband Susanta Ghosh are victims of it and need to report it in every possible forum so that no more innocent gets cheated. Here is the details of the incident we faced - 25th Jan 2019 - I got a call and email from a person named Vikas stating that it is a simple 10 days typing work and they will charge a token amount from my salary once I complete the work. He sent me email on legal agreement which looked simple and harmless as we both checked and I signed digitally. After the work assigned, we understood it was visually confusing and there was no way to verify as the data was an image. Still I did the hard work and completed it on 10th day 5th Feb. After submission they said that it is wrong and the quality check failed. When we double checked the failed data , it was found that many fields went blank which is impossible as we double checked every record. Also, there were double space, double single quotes, duplicate records etc. which is not possible in real time data. ?? 8th Feb 2019 - 10.30 am, I started getting emails and sms threat that they will take legal action as I agreed for a penalty of Rs 5200. If I don??t pay they will take legal action. When we checked the copy of agreement, we saw there is amount of Rs 5200 which I have to pay even if I don??t get salary for my work which was not there previously while signing. We were terrified and my husband paid the amount thinking not to be harassed legally. After I paid, they again called me and said that I have signed the contract for 11 months and we have to pay more either I want to continue or cancel the agreement. I got multiple email warnings to do the payment. I am attaching the screenshot of few example of the emails and sms they have sent. Also the fake agreement we received from them attached. After the second call demanding money I searched over internet about this company and found that there are many complaints against this company. We have also, lodged complaint in and here is the link to it ??? I received a call after this saying that they will not call or email her anymore but it proves that they are fraud. I am trying to get my money back and save other innocent people like me. Here is the account details where we transferred the money ??? BANK NAME???????????????????? :-???????????? SBI BANK ACCOUNT?? NAME?????? :-?????? ????PAYWAY METREXA ( Global Star) ACCOUNT NUMBER :-???????? 38068333543 ??IFSC CODE???????????????????????? :-?????????? SBIN0001388 ?? Also, the contact numbers and emails associated with this scam are ??? 9714006229 (Vikas) 7285076488 (helpline) 9146897759 (legal) 7229016109 (claimed as a consumer forum representative which came out as scammer too) Vikas Gupta Helpline Email Id-?? Rohit Sharma Licence Agreement I plead your help to resolve this issue and to take necessary action to stop this fraud. We are going to lodge the FIR and share the number with you in a day or two. Thankfully Chandrani Bhadra

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